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In ober 2002, Mestre died in an early attempt to break e 160 meters no-limits free-diving world record at Tanya Streeter had established a few weeks before on ust 17, 2002 (at at time is was bo men and women's official AIDA record). On ober 4, 2002, wi a dive team under her husband's supervision, she made a practice dive Born: 11 ust 1974, Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, . 17,  · FUKUOKA – Record-breaking Japanese free diver Sayuri Kinoshita died Monday following a fall from her apartment in Okinawa Prefecture last week, according to . 05,  · Molcha a, 53, holds 41 world records in freediving – diving wi out brea ing apparatus – and can hold her brea for nine minutes. In , . On ober 12, 2002, freediver Audrey Mestre died after lift balloon malfunction and failed to allow her to ascent. She was attempting to perform a dive of 171 meters deep in e ocean by e Dominican Republic. ough her dea was ruled an accident, many believe at her husband Francisco Pipin Ferreras purposefully didn't inflate her lift balloon so at she wouldn't be able to ascend. 25,  · en e elite divers begin: Malina Mateusz of Poland breaks a national record wi a dive of 6 meters. e women’s world champion, Russian Natalia Molcha a, sets a world record . 07,  · Static apnea freediving record. e static apnea freediving record (STA) is determined by how long a freediver can hold eir brea (apnea). While some records have been broken wi e use of oxygen, o ers have been broken by brea ing 0 oxygen for up to half an hour before completing e brea hold. 17,  · Early reports from e St. Croix Source indicate at Dr. Guy Garman, known as Doc Deep to e technical diving community, died on Saturday while attempting to break e world record for deepest scuba dive.. Garman's plan was to descend to a dep of 1,200 feet off e coast of St. Croix on Saturday, ust 15, exceeding e current record of 1,090-feet set by Ahmed Gabr in . 24,  · e Longest Free Dive World Record Holder. Freediving is one of e first underwater sports to come into existence. It has been around for a very long time. Traditionally, people used to freedive for food, sponges, coral, and pearls. Freediving only reduced after technology advanced, introducing us to more convenient fishing and foraging me ods. Natalia Molcha a was e female world record-holder in seven of e eight free-diving disciplines and at nine minutes and two seconds she held e world record for static apnea (holding e. 05,  · e world has lost its greatest free diver, a world-record holder said. Molcha a became e only woman in e sport’s history to break e my ic 0-meter barrier, at e world. A Russian woman widely regarded as e world's greatest freediver has disappeared at sea and is believed to have died. Natalia Molcha a was diving off e coast of Ibiza, two miles west of La. 04,  · A German 'free diver' has apparently entered e Guinness World Records by holding his brea under water for more an 20 minutes. Tom Sietas, 35, competed wi former record holder. Free Diving World Record Holder. Herbert Nitsch is known best for e 33 Free Diving World Records he holds. Of course e granddaddy of all his accomplishments was e one set in e of when he broke e world record for Free Diving by reaching a dep of 830 feet - and lived to tell about it. Apr 25,  · Bo are world-record holders, and bo know freedivers who died after pushing too deep or staying down too long. I would love to dive into is beautiful blue hole we have in e Bahamas. On ober 12, 2002, Audrey Mestre, e well-known free-diver, tragically perished during her No Limits World Record attempt. Since at time, her husband, Francisco Pipin Ferreras and e International Association of Free Divers (IAFD) have attempted to understand what went wrong wi e dive, leading to Ms. Mestre’s tragic dea. Associated Press: SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic A French woman who died trying to break a world k in free diving will be recognized as e record holder after all. 17,  · Record-breaking Japan female free diver dies after accident KYODO NEWS - 17, - 17:15. Sports, Lifestyle, All A record-breaking Japanese female free diver died Monday following an accident last week, having fallen from her apartment in e sou ern island prefecture of Okinawa, according to police and her family. 23, 2003 · On Monday, e British champion of e extreme sport of free-diving plunged deeper an any rival, male or female, breaking e world record as, . 06,  · Fellow free diver Will Trubridge, himself a 15-time world-record holder, mourned her loss, saying, e world has lost its greatest free diver. I don’t ink anybody would dispute at. Free diving is not only sport, it’s a way to understand who we are, Molcha a said last year. 18,  · e International Association for e Development of Free Diving says e world record among men for a dive wi out fins is 1 meters, or 331.4 feet. e record holder . 08,  · In e last ade, free diving has reached new dep s, but e risks involved have become more manifest an ever. ese five amazing dives all set world records, but not every diver . Nicholas Mevoli's life and dea reflect e spirit, and dangers, of a niche sport at has grown exponentially. 04,  · Combs set e record for e fastest woman on four wheels in wi a 398 mph run and has driven as fast as 483 mph. e racer and TV host . Find all e latest freediving world records right here. Covering all disciplines, you can find e current male and female world records and watch e deepest and longest apnea dives by e best freedivers in e world. Benea e table of freediving record, watch all e current freediving world records and check out e history of each discipline by clicking rough to e. 29,  · Arnaud Jerald broke e world record for e deepest sea dive in bi-fins at a dep of 354 feet. Now, in a dive lasting ree minutes and 24 seconds, he's surpassed his own record, descending. 18,  · A Deep-Water Diver From Brooklyn Dies After Trying for a Record Nicholas Mevoli was helped Friday in e Bahamas after a free dive, wi out oxygen or fins. On Sunday, he died after descending more. At e Vertical Blue competition, Kinoshita broke e Free Immersion (FIM) women’s world record wi a 97-meter (318-foot) dive, as well as making her first Constant Weight (CWT) dive to 0 meters (328 feet), making her only e six female freediver to reach at dep in competition. 18,  · A New York man trying to set a freediving record died Sunday after he surfaced from a dep of more an 200 feet. 08,  · And it comes wi risks, regardless of ability: In , Russian free diving champion Natalia Molcha a died during a recreational dive off e coast of Ibiza, Spain—a holder . 08,  · Freediving record holder ese Secades bares her soul on e sport. By ky Ramone Go. e Philippines has long been renowned as a scuba diving haven where many of e world’s best diving. 29,  · Jessi Combs, e fastest woman on four wheels, dies attempting to break land speed record. By Justin Carissimo ust 29, / 2:36 PM / CBS News. 01,  · ‘ e Man Who Doesn’t Brea e’: World-record diver can hold his brea underwater for 22 MINUTES Stig Severinsen is e holder of multiple records in diving . 29,  · e driver and TV host dubbed e fastest woman on four wheels dies in a crash in Oregon. Combs was trying to beat at speed and e absolute women's land speed record . e Guinness World Records Official site wi ultimate record-breaking facts & achievements. Do you want to set a world record? Are you Officially Amazing? Years ago I was at a scuba diving trade show. I had eight scuba divers wi zero Freediving experience. I challenged em to e longest brea hold, 3, 2, 1 go! e longest one was 48 seconds. I spent 15 minutes wi e group, going over e brea ing techniques you will learn in is program. Died trying to break e record for deepest recreational scuba dive Guy Garman, also known as Doc Deep, attempted to set a world record for a recreational scuba dive of 1,200 feet is year. Jeanne Louise Calment was born on February 21, 1875, and died on ust 4, 1997. For a touch of perspective, Alexander Graham Bell patented e telephone e year after she was born. 9. at’s kind of a woman diver’s inking. But most importantly, haenyeo must be careful not to push too far. Spending so much time benea e sea, deprived of oxygen, can lead to fatal heart problems. In , nine haenyeo died while diving. 04,  · Gabr’s record-breaking dive took place in e Red Sea, off e coast of Dahab, Egypt. e record for e deepest scuba dive by a woman belongs to Verna van Schaik of Sou Africa, who reached a dep of 221 meters (725 feet) at Boesmansgat Cave, Sou Africa, on ober 25, 2004. Deepest Closed-Circuit Scuba Dive. Free diving purists—Segura included—regard oxygen-aided holds as some ing of a stunt. It's kind of like doping, he says, allowing divers to more an double e volume of oxygen stored. 21,  · Speaking to Guinness World Records, Johanna said: I wanted to break a record because I love to swim and free-dive and I enjoy cold water. And I love to test my limits. e 39-year-old a lete and designer first started freediving in 2,000. 30,  · e record-breaking dive took place last week, when Ahmed Gabr plunged about 1,090 feet into e Red Sea off e coast of Dahab, Egypt. According to Guinness World Records, at descent about as deep as New York City's Chrysler Building is tall is e deepest scuba dive ever. e definition of a deep dive according to PADI is any dive exceeding 18 meters (60 feet). While at seem fairly deep, our bodies are capable of diving to far greater dep s. Expert freedivers can exceed 400 feet on a single brea, while specialized equipment allows scuba divers to exceed 00 feet.

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