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One visit, at's all it takes to change a tale. Watch Naruto as one day a visit to e Hokage changes his entire life, but is it for e better? Will he truly rise up and become e strongest Hokage? Yes he will, for he is, e son of Kushina Uzumaki and Namikaze Minato. He has a legacy to uphold! Stronger Naruto (but not Godly) S ter Naruto. Naruto quickly bowed and took a seat in e back next to a kid wi spiky black hair in a ponytail. e kid looked up to Naruto and said, Nara Shika u, pleasure to meet you en he put his head down and fell asleep. Uh- yeah, Namikaze Naruto p-pleasure to meet you too Naruto stole a couple glances at e sleeping boy. 12 year old Naru Namikaze dhter of Yondaime Hokage was e scourge of e entire village, she endured many beatings, insults and even rape, just a poor lonely soul wi no-one to turn to e only people she could ever truly count on and class as actual family would be Sandaime Hokage and Iruka-sensei and e only people who she could count. FanFiction. unleash Follow/Fav e Prodigy Namikaze. By: SoulReaperCrewe. Naruto was born five years before e Kyuubi attack and e fox was sealed into his younger sister. His parent don't have e time to teach him so he looks to o ers to help him become a great shinobi. AU Powerful Mokuton Naruto. Naruto understood and hugged her back anking her for ose words of encouragement. His friends and sensei's smiled wi relief to know Naruto had not lost his own human feelings. After at e villagers cheered and hailed Naruto and Zabuza as heroes. Naruto and his friends clapped and cheered for ey knew eir mission was a success. Naruto and Ino are dating due to some bad circumstances caused by a certain pinked-haired individual. NaruIno, NaruHarem. Hiashi wants to have a nice little 'chat' wi me since I plan to make his oldest dhter a part of my clan, and he is very demanding when it comes to being on time. and e last surviving heir of e Namikaze clan. 27,  · A sheepish Naruto handed e flower back to her, I'm not sure how I did at, but your flower is fine now! (Mokuton!Naruto, Senju!Naruto, NaruIno, Team 7 Friendship). Language. 11,  · Naruino Chat/Fanfic.wmv Jay Reyes. Loading Unsubscribe from Jay Reyes? Naruino Naruto Online Chat Room 12 - Duration: 9:19. 12NarutoFan4Ever 13,304 views. 9:19. 04,  · Naruto Namikaze, huérfano, estudia en una preparatoria pero es lastimado por la persona que supuestamente lo quería. Su actitud cambia pero hay una chica dispuesta a hac Naruino un amor inagotableReviews: 323. 20, 2009 · Naruto Namikaze 12,225 views. 9:18. Edd and Alphonse vs number 48 and 66 - Duration: naruto chat6 - new bet and a misunderstanding - Duration: . 24, 2009 · chat seven please answer e poll. 22, 2009 · its not really a chat yet but it will be its more of a story but ey will go to e chatroom soon enough enjoy and please comment as for e couples none ye. Anime/Manga: Naruto fanfiction archive wi over 432,036 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact wi o er fans. 07, 2008 · Naruto Chat room part 1: Confessions - Duration: 11:29. JayAC27 79,992 views. naruino chat 1 - heartbroken and a new couple - Duration: :25. Dreaded Jinx 134,061 views. 21,  · For all we know, Minato just came from a ninja family, like wi Kakashi. And like Kakashi and Sakumo did wi e Hatake surname, Minato made e Namikaze name famous during e ird Shinobi World. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze e oldest of ree children is ignored and abused by his mo er and fa er even his own siblings. Many believe Naruto to be a failure but little do ey know he's a prodigy who fled e village after suffering abuse. Once he turned 12 he returned to e village to prove many wrong. Since e Namikaze have not been mentioned to be a clan, en we assume at is a bloodline at follows a narrow familial structure (parents to children, be wi siblings and a few cousins) ra er an a a large group of families who share ancestry and are only distantly related to o er families. Naruto Namikaze dengan tega membagi cinta yang ia miliki untuk dua gadis sekaligus. Ia mencintai mereka dan tak bisa memilih salah satu diantara mereka, tapi tak ia sangka pada akhirnya tak satupun bisa ia miliki. Keduanya lepas begitu saja, karena pada kenyataannya tidak ada wanita yang mau dibagi dua/Pair NaruSaku x NaruIno/romance&humor. Minato Namikaze (波風ミナト, Namikaze Minato) was e Four Hokage (四代目火影, Yondaime Hokage, Literally meaning: Four Fire Shadow) of Konohagakure. He was renowned all over e world as Konoha's Yellow Flash (木ノ葉の黄色い閃光, Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō, English TV: Yellow Flash of e Leaf). He died during e Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, sacrificing his life. 29,  · Q.H.P.S. SI NARUTO ERA UN ANBU TENÍA UNA HERMANA YERA NIETO DE HASHIRAMA SENJU / MADARA UCHIHA - Duration: 28:54. nicaragua luto gutierrez 32,595 views. Fanfiction Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze e oldest of ree children is ignored and abused by his mo er and fa er even his own siblings. Many believe Naruto to be a failure but little do ey know he's a prodigy who fled e village after suffering abuse. 22,  · e second story (in English. found on featured a psychotic preteen Sakura who tortured little Naruto. After a graphic process of mutilation she tried to finish e poor boy off. Also, ere are some horrible stories in which Naruto is portrayed as an absolutely ist macho and commands Sakura as if she were his property. is is a story about a young boy left and neglected by his parents. e young boy is Naruto. He will soon be powerful to surpass his fa er, e 4 Hokage and able to wipe out entire villages. 14 Prodigy fanfic itachi kushina menma minato namikaze naruto neglect opnaruto otsutsuki prodigy satsuki uchiha uzumaki wattys. Naruto Namikaze/Hijo Del Destello Dorado (naruino) Fanfiction está historia será si Naruto haya adoptado el clan de minato que el de kushina, Minato será reconocido como el destello dorado de konoha, porque el pienso poner que reconozcan a Naruto como el destello a illo de konoha, es que estoy cansados de le. Wi out Sasuke, Naruto is unable to stop e ancient goddess and she completes her plan, forever casting e world into an illusion. However, before Kaguya Otutsuki rules supreme as a Goddess, she watched as e sheer hatred and grief possessed by Naruto converges indly and peaks. Yami Naruto is revived and he is clearly not happy. Naruto Namikaze, huérfano, estudia en una preparatoria pero es lastimado por la persona que supuestamente lo quería. Su actitud cambia pero hay una chica dispuesta a . Menma Namikaze (波風メンマ, Namikaze Menma) is a descendant of e Uzumaki clan in Tenten's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream. Menma's life was greatly different an Naruto Uzumaki's, as Menma didn't lose his parents, and had many friends during his childhood. At some point, Kurama was safely transferred from Kushina Uzumaki onto Menma, letting Menma keep his mo er while eventually . ,  · Namikaze Minato (28) Senju Tobirama (27) Uzumaki Naruto (9) Hatake Kakashi (7) Senju Hashirama (6) Uchiha Obito (5) Uchiha Madara (5) Uchiha Sasuke (4) Haruno Sakura (4) Karin (Naruto) (4) Include Relationships Namikaze Minato/Senju Tobirama (30) Namikaze Minato/Uzumaki Kushina (3) Senju Tobirama/Uchiha Madara (3) Haruno Sakura/Nara Shika u (2). Uzumaki Naruto (1471) Namikaze Minato (1277) Uchiha Sasuke (1250) Uchiha Itachi (30) Haruno Sakura (977) Uchiha Madara (909) Uzumaki Kushina (730) Include Relationships Hatake Kakashi/Uchiha Obito () Namikaze Minato/Uzumaki Kushina (340) Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto (307) Deidara/Uchiha Obito (299) Nohara Rin/Uchiha Obito (264). Twelve years before e start of e series, e Nine-Tails attacked Konohagakure, destroying much of e village and taking many lives. e leader of e village, e Four Hokage sacrificed his life to seal e Nine-Tails into a newborn, Naruto Uzumaki.Orphaned by e attack, Naruto was shunned by e villagers, who out of fear and anger, viewed him as e Nine-Tails itself. FanFiction. Just. Community. Forum. More. for Rise of Namikaze Naruto. 6/7/ c2 SisSara As again late to e party, but I fucking love you for how your dealing wi Naruto and Sakura! e best way to start a naruino! ank god for is! 4/20/ c2 Superjew94. Feb 11, 20  · Naruto Role Playing Game 2.2K Come and join in a roleplay at starts off right at e beginning of e Naruto manga and have fun doing e Chuunin Exams, different types of missions, and o er Shinobi activities. Anyone can join and play. Original characters are allowed. English - Topics: 5 - Since: 08-14-11 - Ha u Namikaze. CHAPTER 1 - e Beginning Naruto looked up out of e building at was to become his home. It was e compound for e Namikaze clan. e 4 hokage's clan his fa er's clan, but as much as at should have made him happy, e fact at he had truly had a family once, looking out over e empty compound only made it clear of what he had to do. for Naruto Namikaze: e Sage of Six Pa s. 1/6/ c1 Ya boi I really like e Naruto and Sasuke friendship (perhaps we can also see Naruto and Shika u become good friends as well ose 2 good make a nearly equally epic team even better if you row in Sasuke could become e best trio team up e village has when needed, 3 very s t.

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