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NASA Ocean Science Meeting April 16, 2004 Dr. Wayne Esaias NASA GSFC. W Esaias April 16, 2004 2 NPP Sensors. Changes in ENSO patterns revealed from TRMM/TMPA, MERRA-2, and AIRS data. Savtchenko1,3, G. Huffman2, B. Vollmer1, D. Meyer1 NASA/GSFC: 1Code 6.2/GES DISC, 2Code 612. 3ADNET INTRODUCTION •Changes in e El Niño Sou ern Oscillation (ENSO) patterns in recent ades have been identified in numerous publications. NPP Science Team Meeting ust 22-24, 2007 Annapolis, MD. Ocean Color Research Team Meeting April 11, 2007 19 • If unit costs of a Major Defense Acquisition Program increase 25, en DoD (as delegated to USD(AT&L) must certify at all of e. high-priority Ear science needs v Suomi NPP Science Team Leader and Discipline Leads 2. Proposals for e establishment of Science Investigator-led Processing Systems (SIPS) to produce NASA Suomi NPP standard and experimental science data products Proposals Selected: Science Team - 40 of 113. SIPS - 5 of 6 (119 proposals received). • Cal/Val Peer Review held 22 2008 at e NOAA Science Center Auditorium in Silvery Spring, MD. • Panel of Cal/Val experts reviewed briefings by e IPO, including e selected Cal/Val Discipline Leads, and NGST detailing e organization of e NPP Cal/Val team and plans to develop e NPP . MODIS Science Team Meeting! 18-20 ! College Park, yland! NASA NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) VIIRS Ocean Science Team (VOST) Activities Prepared by K. Turpie, G. Eplee, B. Franz, C. McClain, G. Meister, F. Patt, W. Robinson! and o er members of e VOST. e NPP Project System Integration and Test (SI&T) team is planning a Ground Segment Integration Test (GSIT). •! is test will encompass all systems and facilities of e NPP Ground Segment, including e PEATES. •! e current schedule is for is to be performed in ch 20.! •! e PEATEs are working wi e SI&T team to generate. Level 1B data to make it easier for SNPP Science Team members to test alternative me ods for creating from bo sensors using a consistent algori m. is capability was leveraged by e SNPP Science Team in e analyses done in support of e aerosol products assessment report delivered to NASA HQ (Hsu ). Apply here for e Ma and Science Academies. e enrollment period for admission into e Proviso Township High School District 209 (P S D209) Ma and Science Academies at Proviso East, Proviso West, and Proviso Ma ematics and Science Academy (PMSA) will launch is Sunday, ember 1st. CrIS EDR Validation Assessment Model: Case Study IASI Temperature and Water Vapor Retrievals AIRS NPP Science Team Meeting ober 16, 2008 N. Pougatchev, T. ust. MODIS/VIIRS Science Team Meeting 26-28 uary 20 - Washington, D.C. Final version. 2 VIIRS GSFC Ocean Team Report Current NPP CDR Showstoppers Risks Instrument Performance: NPP VIIRS Radiometric Performance - NPP VIIRS Spectral Performance EDR Assessment (Modeling Crosstalk) EDR Assessment (Out-of-Band Light leaks). CERES ST Meeting April 2009 4 ST’09 SDS Purpose • e NPP Science Data Segment is a System of Systems distributed amongst: 9 facilities located at GSFC, JPL, Univ. of Wisconsin, & LaRC • e SDS is responsible for: – Serving as a prototype element for e future NASA Ear Science Enterprise (ESE) science data systems. Welcome – Review of Agenda, meeting logistics 8:30 am Michael King, University of Colorado Outlook from Senior HQ on ESD 8:45 am Sandra Cauffman, Deputy Director of Ear Science Division, NASA Headquarters NASA Headquarters Perspective on MODIS and Suomi NPP 9.15 am Paula Bontempi, MODIS and Suomi NPP Program Scientist. MIT Lincoln Laboratory LL-Cal/Val-SOAT-2 RVL 1/15/ Acknowledgments • NASA Project Science Group – Jo h Lyu, Ed Kim, Sergey Krimchansky, Jim Shiue, • NASA NPP Sounder Science Team – Dave Staelin, Phil Rosenkranz, Bjorn Lambrigtsen, • NGST/NGES/IPO – Giovanni DeAmici, Fwu-Jih Hsu, Paul Lee, Ronson Chu, – Kent Anderson, Prabodh Patel, Dennis Lord, Eng Ha, . 18,  · e entrenched position taken by some members of e governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in e Ashanti region to contest e upcoming parliamentary polls as . RSE special issue on e Terra Mission – 20 Years of Science Abstract Deadline: 31, . MODIS/VIIRS Science Team Meeting, ember 18-21, College Park, MD, USA. ESA Living Planet Symposium, 13-17 , at e Convention Center, Milan, Italy. VIIRS News. NPP Algori m Maturity Matrix. VIIRS Processing. Apr 23,  · Suomi National Polar‐orbiting Partnership (NPP) VIIRS data product assessment K. Turpie Ocean Color Science PI. VIIRS Ocean Science Team (VOST) Ocean Color Research Team Meeting. STAR JPSS Annual Science Team Meeting. 27-30 ust , STAR JPSS successfully held its 5 Annual Science Team Meeting at NCWCP/ESSIC. Scientists from NOAA, NASA, EUMETSAT, Universities, and industries attended e meeting. Presentations. Blended Workshop Report, (PDF, 2.13 MB) Annual Meeting Report, (PDF, 43.93 MB). Atmospheric Sounding Science Team Meeting, ober 14-17, 2008, riott Greenbelt, yland, USA. Agenda • Context • Description of MiRS • Results of MiRS for NOAA and Metop • Plans for NPP ATMS. Context • NOAA/NESDIS/STAR is developing a consistent, unique physical algori m for all microwave sensors (called MiRS: Microwave. e above tables identify key operations during each day of e mon and contain: Day of e mon and day of e year. e pri y scan mode for each day. Psychiatry- Medication Urgent Appts, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Smi town, NY, 11787, (631) 779- 19, NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS! URGENT APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE! Presented at e CERES Science Team Meeting, uary 23-26, Williamsburg, Virginia Whitlock, Charles H. Racel, and N. Silvers, 1998: Invited NASA briefing for ambassadors and eir staffs from 7 African countries. Business Africa, ust 3-4, Indianapolis, Indiana, sponsored by four U.S. government or state agencies. 08,  · An international team of researchers published details of an engineered electrode material at allows for such advanced batteries on 8 in Science. e combination of . 17,  · VIIRS SNPP Science Quality Ocean Color Level 2 (EDR) is produced by NOAA/STAR Ocean Color Team rough NOAA Multi-Sensor Level 1 to Level 2 processing system (MSL12) using an improved calibration for e satellite data record (OC-SDR, which is Level 1b).CoastWatch Level-3 composited and mapped data products are also available. e current VIIRS SNPP science quality . A Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) Level 4 sea surface temperature analysis produced daily on an operational basis at e Australian Bureau of Meteorology using optimal interpolation (OI) on a global 0.25 degree grid. is BLUELink Global Australian Multi-Sensor SST Analysis (GAMSSA) v1.0 system blends satellite SST observations from e Advanced Very High . NASA S-NPP Science Team. Miguel Roman. NSAS/GSFC. algori m (DPSA) development, product validation. LSA status and issues are posted and discussed in meetings. Users urged to consult e EDR product status. Open - Not a science team issue. 5/4/11. DR 4265. Suomi NPP Science Team: Mike Falkowski: email, 202-358-1431, bio Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) related calls: Nadya Vinogradova-Shiffer: email, 202-717-1331, bio Climate Indicators and Data Products for Future National Climate Assessments: Lucia Tsaoussi: email, . AGU Fall Meeting, ember 7-11, Online Everywhere. Call for papers. RSE special issue on e Terra Mission – 20 Years of Science Abstract Deadline: 31, . MODIS/VIIRS Science Team Meeting, ember 18-21, College Park, MD, USA. Our Team About e Program. Bringing American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. Monday, ember 7, 0:00 – Friday, ember 11, 23:59. e Applied Sciences Program is part of e Ear Science Division of e NASA Science Mission Directorate. Suomi- NPP VIIRS Ice Surface Temperature EDR Status k Tschudi (CU)* Yinghui Liu (UWisc), Richard Dworak (UWisc), Dan Baldwin (CU), Robert Mahoney (NG) STAR JPSS Science Teams Annual Meeting, College Park, MD. VIIRS Ice Surface Temperature STAR JPSS Science Teams Annual Meeting, College Park, MD 2 IST is e radiating, or skin. VIIRS Science Quality Ocean Color Level 2 (EDR) is produced by NOAA/STAR Ocean Color Team rough NOAA Multi-Sensor Level 1 to Level 2 processing system (MSL12) using an improved calibration for e satellite data record (OC-SDR, which is Level 1b).CoastWatch Level-3 composites, binned and mapped data products also available. To increase e pool of un-conflicted reviewers we are seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) to engage in discussions at a virtual panel meeting or provide external (email) reviews. New researchers including post doral fellows and sometimes upper level graduate students are welcome. JPSS CrIS SDR Science Team member & Cal/Val Process • Early Orbit Checkout (EOC), 18 uary – 23 February • Intensive Calibration and Validation (ICV), 23 February – 20 ember • Long-term Monitoring (LTM), remaining NPP mission 3 Organization PI NOAA Center for Satellite Applications & Research (NOAA/STAR) Yong Han. Validated Maturity Science Review. For Suomi-NPP CrIS SDR Side-2 Data. POC: Flavio Iturbide -Sanchez. CrIS Cal/Val Science Team Members. S-NPP Side 2 NEdN Time Series 7/1/209 to 12/31/. SNPP CrIS SDR Side-2 Validated Maturity Science Review, February 6, . Chris Justice received his Ph.D. from e University of Reading, United Kingdom, in 1977. In 2001 he became a Professor and Research Director of Geography at e University of yland, and in 20, became e Department Chair (to e renamed Department of Geographical Sciences). Dr. Justice is a Program Scientist for NASA's Land Cover Land Use Change (LCLUC) Program. Goal: Predict e export & fate of ocean NPP from satellite & o er observations Hypo esis: Fate of ocean NPP is regulated by e state of e surface ecosystem. Next Steps: Final EXPORTS Science plan has been submitted to NASA HQ. A science definition team will be competed to write e EXPORTS Experimental plan. JPSS CrIS SDR Science Team member & Cal/Val Process • Early Orbit Checkout (EOC), 18 uary – 23 February • Intensive Calibration and Validation (ICV), 23 February – 20 ember • Long-term Monitoring (LTM), remaining NPP mission 3 Organization. Data Access and Viewing/Interactive Search Tools. e CoastWatch Data Portal has been updated wi new features and additional datasets.. Also see: •Space and time seach, •Granule selector tool, •Near-real-time data search, •ERDDAP data server More about search tools. 30,  · MODIS C6.1. C61 reprocessing of Land, wi minor changes to e land algori ms using e C61 L1B as input began in February . e C6 Terra MODIS products, especially cloud products, were negatively impacted by e optical crosstalk in IR bands (B27 – B30). In e election, e NPP, which became a national party in e , won four assembly seats out of e state’s 60. All four NPP legislators are ministers in e BJP-led government in e. 13,  · e campaign team of e ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has advised its communicators against attacking e nicity or gender of eir opponents as . My research interests include e exploration of geospatial data to describe and characterize biophysical phenomena and e interactions wi society. One of my focus areas is biomass burning, specifically wildland fires, in a changing physical and social environment. I explore me ods to estimate biomass burning emissions and fuel consumption using satellite and in-situ estimates of fire energy. e Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant (敦賀発電所, Tsuruga hatsudensho, Tsuruga NPP) is located in e city of Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.It is operated by e Japan Atomic Power Company (JAPC). e total site area is 5.12 square kilometres (1.98 sq mi) wi 94 of it being green area at e company is working to preserve. e Tsuruga site is a dual site wi e ommissioned. But e Delhi meeting have upset some sections of e state BJP unit wi two senior leaders expressing eir opposition to any deal struck wi e NPP. ey put e party in a spot. Editor’s Corner. Steve Platnick, EOS Senior Project Scientist. On y 2, at 2:56 AM Pacific Time a Delta-II rocket lit up e night sky at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, propelling e Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) into orbit— e second of five planned Ear Science . Get e Newsletter. Follow JPL. Home. 09,  · Data Product DOIs. A digital object identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string assigned by a registration agency (e International DOI Foundation) to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on e Internet. . 5, : Today at e American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, scientists unveiled an unprecedented new look at our planet at night.A global composite image, constructed using cloud-free night images from a new NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite, shows e glow of natural and human-built phenomena across Ear in greater detail an ever. 09,  · e CERES team has been collecting ERB data since 1997, when e first CERES instrument was launched aboard e Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite. Since en, CERES instruments have launched aboard e Terra, Aqua, Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) and NOAA-20 satellites.

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